About The Band

Sir, Please is an L.A. based indie-rock band, with a psychedelic edge. Their moving lyrics and unique sound creates a vibe that resonates with any crowd. Singer Shane Cronin’s powerful vibrato naturally fuses with Michael Leese’s crisp rhythm guitar and the driving grooves of drummer David Kohn and bassist Josh Cronin. The result is a contemporary sound, with hints of old.

Shane Cronin

Shane discovered his ability to sing and to play songs on piano by ear during his freshman year of high school. He continued to teach himself how to play piano, drums, and a little bit of guitar. He then quit the basketball team because he wanted to direct all of his attention to making music. He gained some experience performing in a local band with a few of his friends, until he was kicked out from that group. A few months later, he met Michael Leese, and along with his twin brother, Josh Cronin, the three of them wrote Sir, Please's first song, "Heartbreak Hill", and formed what is now Sir, Please.

Michael Leese

Ever since he was young, music has been Michael’s undivided passion.  A self taught multi-instrumentalist, Michael first came up on the scene as a bass player for various different local bands.   After a couple years of searching for the right musicians to form his own project with, he met singer Shane Cronin through some mutual friends they both knew on the music scene.  It only took one jam session to realize they had something special on their hands, and Sir, Please was born.  Michael’s rhythmic guitar style and poetic songwriting helps bring a unique dynamic to the Sir, Please sound.

David Kohn

David has played drums and guitar since he was 7 years old. David has been playing in bands since sixth grade which is when he met Michael Leese. A couple years later, Lead singer Shane Cronin gave David a call about playing one gig with his band. After that, "Sir, Please" was born.

Josh Cronin

Josh Cronin plays bass and sings background vocals. He was inspired to start playing the bass when he was 15, after watching his friends play local shows. When his twin brother Shane Cronin, and guitar player Michael Leese, started Sir, Please, it didn’t take long for Josh to join as well.